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Black White Rhinestone Ties

$75.00 $50.00


Black White Rhinestone Ties

$75.00 $50.00

EXOTIQ EXTREME Black White Rhinestone Ties

Ties for Special Occasions

Ties Made in USA

Sku 2115

The EXOTIQ EXTREME collection are perfect ties for special occasions, nightlife activities, and weddings. Each tie is made with high quality 8 blade rhinestones. The interfacing weight is impeccable quality at its finest. Each tie displays a brass brand label plated with chrome and delivered in a plush faux leather box. The ties are handmade in the USA and wrapped into a faux leather box. The head on our ties are 3.5″ wide and entire length is 57.5″ long.

  • 100% Silk.
  • Leather Box.
  • Made in USA.
  • Dry Clean Only.
  • High Quality 8 Blade Rhinestones.
  • Woven High Quality Interfacing.
  • Brass Chrome Branding Plate on Back.

The original concept for our ties for special occasions was designed after we searched and we not able to find anything like it. Whether you go to a lounge or nightclub, on a date, to an event, or any other occasion, brands fail to realize, fashion isn’t just something you buy and buy again, it is a lifestyle. One of the most precious things in life include great memories, and we are simply here to help build them. We have partnered up with a shirt company, Anton Alexander, for a perfect “going out” look.

Ties for Special Occasions Ties for Special OccasionsTies for Special Occasions Ties for Special Occasions






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